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Explore our extensive list of professional resources to enhance your psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery competencies.

These resources include webinars, documents, and additional sites. All resources are either included in the PSR Canada membership or available for a non-member fee.

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PSR Advanced Practice

PSR Advanced Practice is based out of BC, and supported by Douglas College.

The purpose of the PSR Advanced Practice (PSR AP) is to support clinicians and managers responsible for providing PSR services.

There are many links to archived webinars on the PSR Advanced Practice website.

PSR Values & Indigenous Pedagogies – Walking Together

May 15, 2024

Presenter: James (Jim) Price is a Certified PSR Recovery Practitioner (CPRRP) and works as an instructor at the Assiniboine Community College Parklands Campus in Dauphin, Manitoba. James instructs students in the ‘Social Services Worker Program’ and is a PSR Manitoba Chapter Executive Committee member.

Supporting IPV/DV Survivors with Brain Injuries

April 13, 2023

Presenters: Christina Hennelly, MSW, RSW; Vicky Heuhn, Susan Boyce

Implementing Practice Standards for Recovery Practitioners

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recording originally presented by PSR Canada on December 10, 2021 at the  XIV World Congress of World Association For Psychosocial Rehabilitation (WAPR) & 7th Abu Dhabi International Mental Health Conference   

This webinar identifies how PSR Canada’s certification standards are built on recent research and verified evidence.  This PSR Canada virtual presentation from the recent WAPR Congress held in Dubai features Dr. Regina Casey talking to the work of the PSR Canada’s scientific committee, Natalie Rich from CMHA-Manitoba and Winnipeg identifying the benefits for employers in ensuring that their staff members are certified practitioners and Vicky Huehn talking to the certification process.  

Presenters: Vicky Huehn, Dr. Regina Casey, Natalie Rich

Re-Evaluating Practices that Promote Recovery in Acute Care Settings

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded October 13, 2021 –  Andrea Thomson and Sharran Mullins are Registered Psychiatric Nurses and Assistant Professors in the Department of Psychiatric Nursing at Brandon University. Areas of research interest include acute care psychiatric nursing and recovery-oriented practices.

Understanding how the central role of hope in PSR and recovery is foundational to your work

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded March 11, 2021 – Chris Summerville, a long time mental health advocate, Executive Director of Schizophrenia Society of Canada and an awesome speaker talks about the connection of hope, PSR and recovery.

Promoting Recovery-Oriented Practice in the In-Patient Context

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded October 22, 2020 – Dr. Shu-Ping Chen hosts a session on promoting recovery practice in the in-patient context.  The issue of the impact of COVID-19 on recovery-oriented practices in tertiary and in-patient environments has been observed as challenging.  Are places who had embraced recovery now slipping to a more authoritarian approach?   Dr. Ping will help us to remember how we can make recovery happen in in-patient settings.

Caring for Our Carers: Developed by LOFT Community Services as a critical component of the COVID19 pandemic response

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded September 11, 2020 – Heather McDonald, CEO of LOFT Community Services, a long-standing organizational member of PSR Canada provides information on an innovative program that LOFT has developed.  It reflects how an organization can use the competency standards of B.3. ‘Maintains personal wellness to assure the provision of service to others’ and E.1. ‘Promote the application of recovery-oriented PSR in services.’

Not the new normal – our chance to change our response

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded June 19, 2020 – The COVID 19 pandemic has many people experiencing a level of uncertainty. Many people may be struggling with mental health challenges that they haven’t previously, such as feelings of a lack of control, anxiety, trauma, powerlessness and grief. This webinar discusses how people with lived experience of mental illness, already learning to cope with a certain amount of uncertainty and fear, may be able to guide other individuals unaccustomed to these feelings. The webinar also discusses how this pandemic may also assist to break down the stigma associated with mental illness as more people learn to cope with mental health uncertainty due to COVID 19.  Presenters: Dr. Rachel Herron, Candice Waddell, Richard Whitfield

Peer Support – Clarity and Commonalities

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded May 8, 2020 –  This webinar focuses on the current state of peer support in Canada and provides an explanation of peer support versus peer navigators. Presenter: Debbie Sesula

Working Within the Environment of an Emergency

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded April 21, 2020 – How do we plan our services to adjust to the new reality? Is our emergency plan working? This document provides a summary of the information discussed by PSR Canada members regarding the evidence based and promising practices that are used during this time.

Supporting Colleagues and Staff Members

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded April 17 2020 – Using many components of Domain B ‘Professional Skills’ of the PSR Recovery Competencies, information is provided on ways to support colleagues and staff members

Balancing Self-Determination with Safety considerations

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded March 28, 2020 – What do we do when there are conflicts in our values and principles and the situation we are facing at work? That can be an ethical dilemma. This document provides information provided in the on-line webinar about using a principle-based decision making process.

Recovery oriented practice in three different settings: Acute In-Patient Care, Interdisciplanary Team and a Community Setting

Members: No fee | Non-members: $20

Recorded November 7, 2019 – A look at recovery oriented practice in three different settings:  Acute In-Patient Care, Interdisciplanary Team and a Community Setting  

Presenters: Debbie Watterworth –  Recovery Oriented Practice In Acute In-Patient Care: The Last Frontier / Chelsea Gauthier – Peer Support In An Interdisciplinary Team / Lin Sallay and Norine Thompson – Making Recovery Real In A Community Setting

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