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Dr. Regina Casey, U.B.C and Douglas College, British Columbia

Dr. Shu-Ping Chen, University of Alberta, Alberta


Dr. Abraham Rudnick, Dalhousie University, Nova Scotia

Dr. Eleni Sofouli, Doctorant / PhD Candidate, Département de psychiatrie / Department of Psychiatry, McGill University – Quebec

Dr. John Higenbottam, U.B.C. and Douglas College, British Columbia

Dr. Mary Bartram, Director, Research and Evaluation, Stepped Care Solutions – Ontario

Michael Lee, U.B.C., British Columbia

Dr. Myra Piat, McGill University, Department of Psychiatry & Social Work – Quebec

Dr. Sandra Molls, McMaster University, Ontario

Dr. Simone Arbour, Ontario Shores, Ontario

Dr. Skye Barbic, Faculty of Medicine, The University of British Columbia – British Columbia

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