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Psychosocial Rehabilitation Manitoba

Psychosocial Rehabilitation promotes resilience, personal recovery, full community integration, and a sense of purpose and meaning for those living with any mental health or substance use concern.

PSRMB is a provincial chapter of PSR/RPS Canada and embodies the national Vision, Mission, Principles, Values and Ethics of PSR/RPS Canada.


Our Purpose

PSR MB is a provincial leader in transforming the mental health and substance use sector. We are an association of individuals and organizations working to promote the principles and practices of evidence-based psychosocial rehabilitation in Manitoba through practice standards, education, quality outcome measures, advocacy, and public policy.

PSR MB is committed to engaging in meaningful collaborative partnerships with people with lived experience and their families.

  • To promote and support the development of psychosocial rehabilitation practices and services for persons who experience mental health or substance use concerns.
  • To promote the concept and role of psychosocial rehabilitation as a primary modality in provision of mental health services.
  • To encourage and facilitate communication, increased understanding, and research through accessible and recognized mechanisms for knowledge transfer.
  • To exercise leadership and encourage the development of improved concepts, methods, and best practices to serve persons who experience mental health or substance use concerns. This includes the training of personnel involved in such activities.
  • To encourage and facilitate improved communication, coordination and continuity and accountability of services provided to persons who experience mental illness or substance use, especially regarding client transitions between acute care and community mental health programs and services.

To exercise leadership by working alongside individuals with lived experience to inform policy makers and the public of the relevant service needs and best practices related to supporting individuals’ psychosocial needs.

Core Principles and Values

  • Every recovery journey begins with hope. Everyone has potential.
  • Culture and diversity are valued and supported.
  • Individuals direct their choices in life through meaningful partnerships, informed and shared decision-making.
  • Our role is to shine a light on people’s strengths, gifts, and abilities.
  • Person-centered recognizes that people are experts about themselves.
  • Living fully within communities builds citizenship, responsibilities, opportunity and belonging.
  • Self determination and empowerment are encouraged and respected.
  • Trusting relationships are foundations to recovery and well-being. Family, friends, peer support.
  • Holistic services support all aspects of life. work, education, leisure, living skills, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual health and wellness.
  • Everyone is unique. Each person has their own path, therefore their own wellness plan.
  • Services are evidence-based, promising and emerging best practices that produce evaluation outcomes congruent with personal recovery. Quality improvement and program evaluation actively involves persons receiving services.
  • Services are accessible and integrated.
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