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I. A PSR/RPS Member Organization provides leadership within the organization and in the community that:

  1. Respects the rights of persons served, supports their empowerment and recovery, promotes their right to choice and protects their confidentiality;
  2. Gives preference to professional and ethical responsibility to persons served versus personal or agency business;
  3. Encourages and advocates for the rights of the individual in dealing with other providers of services and supports;
  4. Encourages adherence to the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner Code of Ethics, Psychiatric Rehabilitation Principles, and the Multicultural Principles and Standards; and
  5. Serves as a responsible steward for public and private funds.

II. A PSR/RPS Member Organization shall provide supports and services that:

  1. Recognize and accommodate individual differences based upon religion, ethnic or racial heritage, gender, age, sexual orientation, social or economic status or disabling conditions;
  2. Focus on recovery, establishment or re-establishment of roles in the community, development of a personal support network and optimal quality of life;
  3. Are person-centred, holistic, and actively support the involvement of the individual in the community activities (e.g., school, work) throughout the rehabilitation process; and
  4. Are designed to meet the needs of the individual with emphasis on promoting choice, inclusion, growth and development.

III. A PSR/RPS Member Organization manages its financial and other resources in a manner that assures:

  1. A safe and healthy environment for its staff and persons served;
  2. Ongoing training and educational opportunities for staff, volunteers and individuals involved in governance;
  3. A competent and committed staff;
  4. A culturally diverse staff;
  5. Responsible stewardship over public and private funds with which it is entrusted; and
  6. Maintenance of the physical assets of the organization

IV. Agreement to Abide by the PSR/RPS Organizational Code of Ethics:

Each applicant for Organizational membership with IAPSRS is required to abide by the PSR/RPS Canada Organizational Code of Ethics.

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