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What is CPRRP?

The CPRRP certification is specifically designed to recognize and validate the expertise of professionals in effectively managing regulatory risks and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations. With an ever-changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment, the CPRRP designation sets a standard of excellence in the field of regulatory risk and compliance.

Our certification program covers a wide range of critical topics, including regulatory frameworks, risk assessment and management, compliance strategies, ethics, and governance. Through a combination of rigorous training and examinations, participants develop a deep understanding of regulatory best practices and acquire the skills necessary to navigate legal and compliance challenges.

Benefits for Individuals

  • A national designation valid across provinces and territories

  • Ability to monitor and track outcomes along the recovery journey of those you serve

  • Confidence you understand your role in the recovery process of those you serve

  • Connection to a network of practitioner beyond your own agency

  • A list of competencies, including the performance indicators for each competency domain based in research and practice

  • Commitment to a practitioner code of ethics

  • Support to increase knowledge and skills and flexible Maintenance of Credential opportunities

  • Access to an organizational code of ethics to support your agency

  • Common language amongst CPRRP staff

  • Your name added to the elite roster of CPRRPs

  • A micro-credential endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada

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