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Individual Involvement

Why be a member?

  • Be part of a community of practice committed to your values and practice.
  • Learn new skills and have access to an online resource library of lessons, webinars, and journal articles.
  • Demonstrate your competency in providing PSR Recovery-oriented services by earning your Certified PSR Recovery Practitioner designation.
  • Earn a micro-credential endorsed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada to broaden your employability.

Organizational Membership

Become an organizational member if you:

  • Have difficulty recruiting appropriately skilled employees.
  • Desire to support current and new staff in providing evidence-based quality services.
  • Are interested in supporting your staff to upskill and increase their scope of practice.
  • Are dedicated to quality improvement through standards from accreditation bodies, including Accreditation Canada.
  • Want to be part of a national knowledge exchange; find the evidence for initiatives in our online resource library.
  • Want to be endorsed as a PSR recovery-oriented organization.

Benefits of becoming an organizational member

  • Each member of your organization can have an individual account, giving them access to all PSR Canada resources.
  • Every account member can apply for the micro-credential PSR Recovery Practitioner Certification. This designation can assure employers that their staff have the required competencies to provide PSR Recovery services.
  • Accreditation standards of quality – like Health Services Organization / Accreditation Canada – require recovery-oriented services and client inclusion throughout all aspects of the organization. The online resource library includes initiatives, tools and guidance.
  • As endorsing the organizational code of ethics, each organization is listed on our website as providing recovery-oriented services.
  • The organizational membership allows organizations to upload to their own account educational modules and resources for their account members.
  • Lessons such as Recovery and PSR 101 provide orientation for new staff members with built-in knowledge review through brief quizzes.
  • A community of practice discussion forum allows members to share innovations and ask questions.
  • Consultation with PSR Canada volunteers and others regarding areas of interest, such as outcome measurements.
  • Identification of online lesson content that can be created for staff education.

Benefits for all members

  • Discounted pricing for PSR Canada conferences.
  • Access to all recorded webinars, lessons, books, evidence, tools, and initiatives in the online resource library of PSR and Recovery of PSR Canada.
  • Ability to interact with other members to discuss common issues and share knowledge.
  • Member-only information on resources, including those generated by the World Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation.
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